4th Hour 1

Have we lost control of our relationship with technology because technology has become better at controlling us? Do we need new technology that enables us to set boundaries on how often we use our cellular devices? These are significant questions because technology is changing the way people live their lives and something needs to be done about it. The community should take these questions seriously because having a new product that can solve this addiction problem would be very useful to society. Harris’s potential product will help people better manage their time and avoid wasting time on their mobile devices.

The intended audience of this article is the younger generations. These are the people that have grown up in the technology and social media age. They are also the group that has been most affected psychologically. I am a part of this audience because I am part of the younger generation and I have grown up in this technology era.

Bosker, the author of the article, adds a lot of evidence to support her argument. There are a lot of what ifs in the article and it keeps the reader interested and open minded. She uses Tristan Harris as an example to support her main argument. Harris has been directly affected by the influx of social media and technology. He has seen what his mobile device has done to him and he has been determined to stop letting it influence his life. The counterevidence that is ignored is the fact that some people are able to manage their life on their smartphone and not become addicted.

Bosker is able to hook the reader by adding evidence as to why social media and technology is becoming a growing problem. One notable study is when she explains how “checking a Facebook friend request will take only a few seconds, though research shows that when interrupted, people take an average of 25 minutes to return to their original task”. This is important because it goes back to Harris’s point that people are wasting precious time on their smartphones. This appeals to me because I can to relate. It is aggravating to waste that much time on my smartphone especially when I am working on something.

The author makes herself seem credible because she wrote this article more in the point of view of Tristan Harris. I believe Tristan Harris is a very credible person judging by his background and profession. Harris plays a big role in trying to solve this addiction problem and the article does a good job explaining what exactly he plans on doing to solve it. The sources are reliable and they are very realistic as well.

Since the author of the article does not explain what her stance is on this technology issue, my beliefs are very similar to those of Tristan Harris. I believe social media and technology are leading to psychological problems for people of all generations. It is one of the reasons I deleted my Facebook and Instagram. Harris’s worldview is similar to mine because he understands the negative affects social media and technology has had on society. This article has encouraged me to continue change the way I use technology. I have been doing my best to stay away from social media as much as possible and only use my cellphone when necessary. If my parents and grandparents were able to socialize without technology, I do not see why I shouldn’t be able to do the same. I will be able to use from this article to help me realize the negative affects mobile devices have brought to society and understand what can be done to fix these affects.

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