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POETRY STUDENT was born in Manhattan, New York, in 1999. He considers himself a 90’s kid and hopes his writing reflects that. He enjoys reading newspapers, books, and internet breaking blog sites. Brendan has handed in numerous writing assignments at his high school in Darien, Connecticut, as well as submitting others to the popular website Turnitin.com. As writing is not his favorite activity, some of these grades were good, others were not. His literary courses in high school consists of English 9, English 10, American Literature, and Issues In Contemporary Poetry. His literary works consist of pieces such as  “Come Along Old Sport: An Analysis of the Most Meaningful Line in The Great Gatsby” and “Young, Wild, and Free: An Analysis of The Change In Female Society During Early 1920’s America.” In the future, Brendan hopes to continue writing in school and enhance his writing capabilities.

Articles by Brendan Bumgardner: