From November, 2016

The Great Poem Series: Jericho Brown’s “Homeland”

Jericho Brown is an Associate Professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. First published in The New Testament (2014), “Homeland” was also published in the 2015 volume of Best American Poetry. “Homeland” is a testimony for all male African Americans in modern society. He expresses the brutally honest lifestyle of an African American male living…

Mobile Poem Bomb: Jericho Brown’s “Homeland”

“Nobody in this nation feels safe, and I’m still a reason why. / Every day, something gets thrown away on account of long / History or hair or fingernails or, yes, of course, my fangs.” This test subject, Darien High School senior Alex Kostrzewski, roamed the halls of the school as a mobile poem bomb.

The Great Poem Series: Sarah Manguso’s “The Rider”

Sarah Manguso’s, “The Rider,” is a brief poem originally featured in American Letters & Commentary and more recently printed in the 2001 edition of The Best American Poetry. This poem reflects the author’s opinions on how the world will end, and forces the reader to question religion and science. The first two lines instantly grabbed my…