The Great Poem Series: Debora Greger’s “Eve in the Fall”

The Great Poem Series:  Debora Greger’s “Eve in the Fall” is from the BAP 2009 edition and was published by New Citation in 2009 . Greger is able to really capture fall in just a little over a page.  She describes an evening in the fall like it’s a person.  She explains how it opens it’s eyes and really comes to life.  “And then my eyelids fluttered open as they had that first morning I saw you beside me, strangest of creatures” (Greger pg.37).

Those series of lines can be interpreted in many different ways.  She could be talking about a current or previous lover, because she talks about waking up beside someone.  She compares her love for that person to the fall, it’s something she loves, but it goes away quickly.  Fall is only two months, maybe she fell deeply in love with this person, but they left her abruptly, just as fall would do.

This poem really fits the language poetry category, because it makes a connection to a theme and leaves you wondering what it is, and that’s the definition of language poetry.  This poem also has a connection to the morning despite it’s title.  “Down the street trucks trundled their dark gods” (Greger’s pg.37).  I will occasionally hear the loud bounding noises of trucks going by in the morning, which leads me to believe she is describing waking up.  She describes a lot of things as they leave, it seems like she’s trying to tell someone she’s lonely and things that she enjoy just keep going away.

This can relate to mental illness as well.  She could have developed a bit of depression from things leaving all of the time, that has happened to many people myself included. To be fair I shouldn’t go as far as saying it’s depression, because it’s just a strong melancholy feeling, it’s that pit in your stomach that tends to linger for awhile and run its course.

Debora is from Walsenburg, Colorado, which explains her vivid descriptions of the seasons and the themes that lie around them.  I believe if you’re looking for a poet that writes with meaning and detail than Debora Greger is the poet for you and I hope you can enjoy her just as much as I do.



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